Announcing the RTF Arduplane Solution from Event 38

Announcing the RTF Arduplane Solution from Event 38

I’m pleased to announce the release of the first major product from Event 38, model E382, a Ready to Fly Photomapping UAS. Based on the APM 2.0, the E382 is designed to make aerial maps quickly and easily for those not interested in cutting, gluing and programming a plane from the basic components.

Let me start with a little background about myself. I’ve been involved with DIY Drones since 2009 when I worked on a turn-rate-limiter style project for Arduplane. I then spent a year working at SpaceX before moving to San Diego to join 3D Robotics last March. Now I’ve started Event 38 to bring the usefulness of APM-based UAS to a wider audience.

The basic kit consists of a ready to fly Skywalker V5 (168cm wingspan, 190cm wingspan upgrade available) with APM 2.0, motor, ESC and servos installed. APM is preloaded with the latest Arduplane release and a known good configuration file. This set of components together lets you skip all the uncertainties that invariably pop up when starting such a complicated project and gets you to the first flight right away!

Equipped with a small point and shoot camera, the E382 can make extremely detailed high-level maps from individual pictures stitched together. Even 3d terrain models can be made really easily using free services like hypr3d and soon, The image below was made with Hypr3d in about 25 minutes.

The fully built plane is available, to start, only in the US and Canada. Planes are in stock now and ready to ship immediately.

Check out the product page and please leave your comments on this thread, I’m eager to hear feedback from the community!

EDIT: See extra photos below:


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