Mapping with E382 and DroneMapper

Mapping with E382 and DroneMapper

I just wanted to share a mapping mission I ran last week with the E382 from Event 38 (my company) and processed with

The reason these results are somewhat noteworthy is the amount of time it took to make this. I pulled up to the flying field, setup the plane in maybe 5 or 6 minutes. I hand launched the plane, flew around manually for exactly 5 minutes, taking 110 pictures in that time. Brought it in for a quick landing in some bushes then I packed up and went home. At home I uploaded the images straight to DroneMapper without even reviewing them. A few hours later, DM came back with really awesome results. All of this took just a few minutes of my time not counting the drive to and from the field.

My setup on the E382 is as follows:
– Skywalker 168cm Airframe
– APM 2.0 with ArduPlane 2.4
– 3DR Telemetry Radios 915MHz
– Canon Powershot SX230 HS with CHDK

The camera is really what made this so quick.. with built in GPS all the images are geotagged automatically as they’re taken. This mission was actually done to see if it could keep a GPS lock for the entire flight which it did. Having the images geotagged and processing them with DroneMapper returns files that can be analyzed (as in the image above) for things like the elevation profile of any path, the length of a path, the area of a field and so on. There are nice tutorials on how to get started with that in the DroneMapper FAQ.

Measuring the length of a trail
Measuring the area of low lying vegetationMeasureArea
Extracting the coordinates of a point of interest

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