Mapping a Larger Area

Mapping a Larger Area

I got a chance to make a larger map with the E382 a few weeks ago and I ran it through Agisoft Photoscan for the postprocessing.

Platform: E382

Camera: SX230 HS with CHDK
Mapping Time: 30 minutes
Flight Time: 33-34 minutes
Images used: 341
Processing Time: ~12 hours of computer time, <30 minutes operator time
Area covered: 350 acres, 1.41km2  –  1550 x 910m rectangle


Area measured with QGIS


3d DEM viewed in GlobalMapper


Always have to try out the global warming tool

The only tips I have for those mapping larger areas is to first of all make sure you’re spacing your flight lines appropriately based on your altitude. You can find good data on how much ground area is covered per image from Krzysztof Bosak’s ebook The Secrets of Aerial PhotoMapping. Be sure to run through the images once before you process them and remove the blurry ones. Also make sure you’re taking plenty of pictures so that removing the blurry ones doesn’t leave any gaps in coverage.

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