Mission Planning & Workflow Updates

Mission Planning & Workflow Updates

E384 owners using a laptop or PC for mission planning and flight operations now have access to an improved version of Mission Planner tailored specifically for mapping with the E384. These modifications are part of our push to improve the ease of use and reliability of the E384 for all current and new customers. Making the upgrade is as simple as visiting our downloads page and getting the latest version!


Automated Pre-flight Checklist

We’re finally coming out of the dark ages, no more paper checklists! Mission Planner already has all telemetry data at its disposal, why not have it help check off setup criteria too? While the E384 boots up and self checks out each subsystem, the operator goes through the physical inspection and completes the checklist. Green means go!



Accessible Flight Planning Functions

To improve the speed and ease of planning a mapping mission, we’ve taken the most common functions from Mission Planner’s right click menu and made them more accessible by placing them in the right hand pane in the Flight Planning tab. Sometimes the most simple changes can be the most appreciated!



Intellishoot Automated Lens Protection

For users of Intellishoot, we’ve built in a feature to automatically protect the lens when the aircraft is descending to land. When the plane passes below 30m altitude, depending on the camera being used, the lens or the hatch will automatically close to keep dirt and debris from scratching the lens. For users with a hatch, it also automatically opens when ascending above 30m.


Intellishoot Speed & Overlap Warnings

There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when planning a mapping mission. The Survey (Grid) menu now takes care of one more for you by warning you when you’re planning for more overlap than your camera can handle. Each camera has a characterized ‘reload’ time. We take into account that time, typical flight speeds and even potential tailwinds to warn you when an issue could arise.



Intellishoot Cam Message Indicators

Another one for Intellishoot users, Mission Planner now leaves a trail of markers where each picture was taken, making it simple to tell when an area is not being covered as expected. If the aircraft is at a high pitch or bank angle when the picture is taken, the icon appears yellow to warn you that additional coverage in the area may be needed.


We hope you’ll find these upgrades useful. If you have any suggestions for changes or new features we’d be happy to take them into account. Let us know what you think! If you want to try all these features out right away, you can grab the latest release on our downloads page. And if you want to peruse the code for yourself, here’s the source for that release on Github.

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