Kovar and Associates Discuss Starting a Drone-based Business

Kovar and Associates Discuss Starting a Drone-based Business

Recently, John Moore, founder of thedroneinfo.com, conducted an interview with one of our longtime customers, Kovar and Associates. Here are a few excerpts from the article about our E384:

I’ve been flying fixed wing, helicopters, and sailplanes for years. I love to fly but really didn’t want to go the commercial route. Due to my involvement with search and rescue I have a keen interest in near real time mapping and imagery analysis. About two years ago I started working with Jeff Taylor of Event 38 and bought one of his first fixed wing UAVs. There was no real market for services yet and the technology for delivering quality UAV imagery wasn’t quite there but you could see it coming.

(The E384) is our workhorse fixed wing UAV. It’ll fly an optical or NDVI sensor for upwards of 100 minutes per flight, enabling us to cover enormous areas. It is rugged, easy to work on, and well supported by Event 38. The one drawback to a fixed wing when flying crops is lack of suitable landing areas. Farmers maximize their use of the available space so what isn’t planted is often obscured by power lines, roads, and buildings. We’re really good at landing in narrow spaces by now but the Iris+ is more suitable for some jobs despite the reduced flight time.

You can read the full article here.

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