Newsletter 4: Editorial

Newsletter 4: Editorial

Thank you for your continued interest in Event 38. This month I would like to focus on three key issues affecting our company and the industry as a whole:

  • First we have four new products to tell you about
  • next there appears to be some progress on the regulatory front in the US and South Africa
  • and finally, we are looking for additional business partners to provide services for our customers


First – Four New Products Available for You. – Our single focus is on providing you with reliable, cost effective, and easy  to use drones and data analytics. We literally have engineers, researchers and customers all over the world contributing to our development activities. This month I would like to talk about four recent developments:

a)      Drone Data Management SystemTM  – The Event 38 Drone Data Management SystemTM  gives our users the ability to easily upload, store, and process their data onto their own private and secure cloud based platform. We have many functions already in place including Mosaic, NDVI, DEM, and more. We are ready to expand our beta release to a larger group. If you are interested in joining our free private beta, please contact me directly at We have only a few spots available at this time.

b)      Mission Planning & Workflow Updates – For the past year we have been working on our “Easy Button” initiative in order to make mission planning and operations both simpler and more reliable. This free update to our Event 38 version of Mission Planner improves the ease of use and reliability of the E384 for all current and new customers

c)       New Multirotor UAS – We have phased out our Aphex series of multi-rotors and adapted a 3DR drone with our specialized cameras and mounts at a new low price.

d)      Fly your Drone from a Smartphone/Tablet – The Bluetooth Telemetry Bridge lets you plan and fly autonomous missions all from your Android device and move freely in the field to maintain line of sight with your flying vehicle.

For more information on all of these developments, please click on the Product Spotlight section of this Newsletter.


Second – Regulations Update – The FAA published draft regulations for commercial use of drones in the United States in February of this year. More than 4,500 responses were received during a public comment period ,and the FAA has begun writing the final regulations which were originally anticipated to take 18-24 months. In total we made 36 comments and recommendations which you can view here:

But just in the last few weeks several positive signs have emerged:

  • The FAA has publicly said they expect final regulations to be complete within a year
  • They have liberalized and accelerated their “333 Exemption” process and now more than 700 businesses have received approval.
  • US Senators Unveiled a Temporary Drone Law Bill
  • They have begun to consider beyond-line-of-sight drone initiatives

All of this news and more is encouraging.

We would like to add that our E384 drone has been approved for use by the FAA multiple times as our customers have applied for the 333 Exemption. We are pleased to help you with necessary documentation. Please contact us for details.

Elsewhere, new rules were published in Singapore, Chile, and South Africa with mixed results. In particular the rules in South Africa have been hotly debated and leave room for improvement according to our reseller partners there.

For more news on regulations please have a look at our Industry News for more information on these regulatory issues and a sampling of a few of the great ways drones are changing our world.


Third – Event 38 Business Partners and the Need for Localization – Our business has grown up over the Internet. From the very beginning, all of our sales and most of our customer service has been delivered online. But with a growing and diverse international customer base, we recognized the need for more direct support and have begun to create a network of local partners around the world to serve your local market. In recent months we have added ten new resellers, partnered with Skyward.IO,  to help customers obtain 333 exemptions, and next month expect to announce the beginning of local drone maintenance and support.

We are actively seeking additional partners for our generous reseller program and additional service providers to the industry. Please contact John Blair, for details.


In Closing – Event 38 continues to make rapid progress on multiple fronts including record sales, new and expanded agricultural research activities, and continued progress in our product development efforts. I encourage you to read more in the Event 38 Company News section of this newsletter.

Finally, I personally want to thank all of our customers and interested parties for your support. We are working hard to offer you innovative solutions at an affordable price, and with your continued feedback, will help you solve problems and give you tools and information to better manage your business.  Please feel free to contact me directly, , with your feedback and suggestions. Thank you!!!

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