Newsletter 4: Event 38 News

Newsletter 4: Event 38 News

Here is an update of things happening within Event 38 over the past month:

  • Event 38 in the Press
  • Product Development Update
  • Update on International Partners
  • Liability Insurance Partners Wanted
  • Become a Guest Blogger – get international visibility
  • Investors Wanted
  • Ongoing Research Initiatives


In the Press – Event 38 was in the news several times recently including:


Update on International Partners – We believe local presence is important.  We are actively seeking additional partners. Our reseller program is customized for each partner. In general, we sell to you at a discount, and you can re-sell at whatever price you desire. If you are interested in working with us, please contact John Blair, for details.


Liability Insurance Partners Wanted – We are actively looking for partners who can offer liability insurance to our customers around the world. Please contact John Blair, to discuss details.


Become a Guest Blogger – Our blog, Droneyard, gets international exposure. Each month thousands of viewers come to our website for information about our company and how drones are improving commerce and environmental conservation.  We would welcome your contribution. Please contact Andrew Walker, for details.


Investors – This is not a solicitation.  In preparation for a capital raise we have begun developing relationships with investors who are interested in our marketplace. We would welcome an introduction to anyone, angel or VC, who you think might be interested in our company. Please contact John Blair, with details.


Event 38 Ongoing Research Initiatives – We have several initiatives underway to develop commercial use of drones. Our goal is to demonstrate ROI to end users through the use of drones. To-date our industry has been driven mostly by belief that drones will improve business.  But the time has come to prove it. We have actively engaged with research organizations to develop algorithms to prove cost efficiencies, increased revenues, and social value.

  • ROI from Agriculture/Drone use by Event 38 and Cedar Valley Innovation – Event 38 announced a key research agreement with Cedar Valley Innovation, a leading Iowa agriculture research organization.
  • Renewed Commitment to the Ohio State University Agriculture Department – We have been in ongoing discussions to continue work that was started last summer and winter to assist researcher activities around the State of Ohio.

We have also commenced discussions with several other groups. If you are conducting research in the agriculture, construction, surveying, environmental conservation, or related industries, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Please contact Jeff Taylor,, for details.


Product Development Update – E384 owners know we are always working to improve their experience, even years after receiving a drone.

  1. Our Easy Button initiative lets us remotely improve the operation of your E384 by software updates. Many won’t remember the days when we had to estimate the length of each flight and program that number into the camera so the lens would close before landing. Now, an Intellishoot enabled camera will automatically close its lens when the plane descends below 30m altitude, right before landing. Our custom version of Mission Planner now automatically performs its own preflight checklist and guides users through a physical inspection prior to liftoff. Soon we’ll announce automated landing flight planning to ensure a safe touchdown without worrying about glide slopes or speed management, stay tuned!
  2. Our Multispectral Camera development project is well underway. We’re aiming to improve the NDVI results obtained from the air so that quantitative measurements can be compared from one field to another and from one year to the next. In addition, we’ll offer customizable filters that will let you to tailor your camera to your specific application. Look for more information later this Summer.
  3. Post Processing Analytics Cloud based Platform  – An easy to fly drone with a custom sensor would be worthless without an easy way to post-process the results! Our customers have grappled with post-processing their data from the beginning, especially when it comes to NDVI and other spectral analyses. We’re working on a solution to help users make sense of their data and to make it much easier to handle the huge datasets we typically work with. Our post-processing software will soon be open for beta testers, so we’re giving our followers an early heads up. If you’re interested in participating, and getting your data post-processed for free, send an email to


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