Newsletter 4: Product Spotlight

Newsletter 4: Product Spotlight

This month we would like to tell you about four new or upgraded products and services.


Drone Data Management SystemTM  – The Event 38 Drone Data Management SystemTM  gives our users the ability to easily upload, store, and process their data onto your own private and secure cloud based platform. We have many functions already in place including Mosaic, NDVI, DEM, and more. We are ready to expand our beta release to a larger group. If you are interested in joining our free private beta, please contact Jeff Taylor directly We have only a few spots available at this time.

Mission Planning & Workflow Updates – For the past year we have been working on our “Easy Button” initiative in order to make mission planning and operations both simpler and reliable. This free update to our Event 38 version of Mission Planner improves the ease of use and reliability of the E384 for all current and new customers. You can learn more here:

New Multirotor UAS – We have phased out our Aphex series of multi-rotors and adapted a 3DR drone with our specialized cameras and mounts at a new low price.   Please see details here:    

Fly your Drone from a Smartphone/Tablet – The Bluetooth Telemetry Bridge lets you plan and fly autonomous missions all from your Android device and move freely in the field to maintain line of sight with your flying vehicle.  We have two options available. See more information here:

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