Newsletter 4: Q&A

Newsletter 4: Q&A

 1. I see you have your multirotor back in stock. What do I need to know about this new model?

With our latest iteration of a multirotor drone, we have taken an already successful drone, the Iris+, and transformed it into a high-powered precision mapping platform! We have made three key changes to the Iris to allow it to serve this function:It comes with a Canon S110, already preconfigured with CHDK.

  1. It comes with a Canon S110, already preconfigured with CHDK so you can fly right away.
  2. It comes with a camera mount on the bottom, specially designed by Jeff Taylor himself! This mount is designed to hold the Canon S110 (as well as the NDVI Converted S110), and heavily dampens vibrations, allowing you to continuously produce crisp, clean images.
  3. It comes with Intellishoot installed, allowing you to seamlessly geotag your images.


2. I’m new to drones, what type of package do you suggest to help me map my farm?

I would suggest the E384 Complete Package. The E384 has a 90 minute flight time, which allows you to cover a maximum amount of space all in one flight.

In addition, I would suggest the RFD900+ telemetry radios. These radios have an effective range of about 10km, much larger than the standard telemetry models. This is a nice luxury to have if you’re on a small farm, but a necessity if you plan to fly over a large farm.

Next, I would suggest purchasing both a standard Canon S110, as well as an NDVI Converted S110. A standard RGB camera will allow you to see your farm from a completely new perspetive. Then, by flying with an NGB Converted camera, you can then gauge the health of your crops by processing your NDVI data.

Further, I would suggest at least 1 extra flight battery (or more, depending on the size of your farm). If you plan more than one flight, you certainly do not want to have to wait for your battery to recharge to fly again. With more than one battery, you can simply replace the battery upon landing and then throw the E384 right up again!

And finally, I suggest purchasing the E384 Custom Carrying Case. While some may see a case as a luxury, the E384 is a large drone with a lot of accessories. Not only does the case allow for much easier transportation of the E384, but it also keeps it safe in it’s travels.


3. What type of software do I need to process my NDVI images?

You can post-process your NDVI images with a freeware program such as FIJI. Click here to get more information and download.


4. I purchased an E382 from you two years ago, do you still offer support?

Yes of course! We offer support for our products for as long as you’re using them! If you have anything you need help with please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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