Introducing the E386 - The Complete Drone Mapping Solution

Introducing the E386 – The Complete Drone Mapping Solution

Our goal at Event 38 is to build products that make aerial data collection for mapping as easy as possible. We’ve made great strides in simplifying the operation of our long endurance mapping drone, the E384, but recovery of a drone requires either a large area for autonomous landings or an operator comfortable with taking manual control.

There are two problems with any autonomous landing solution:

  1. Onboard sensors tend to drift over time. If there’s a barometric pressure change during a long flight, the drone will develop a discrepancy between its measured altitude and the true altitude above ground level.
  2. A descending drone picks up a lot of speed as it dives toward the ground, but slow speeds are desirable for safety and soft landings.

After much research, development and testing, our amazing engineering team has built a solution that enables a drone to descend rapidly while minimizing forward speed and flaring precisely before impact for a soft landing every time.  This makes autonomous landings possible in extremely confined areas,  surrounded by tall trees or other obstacles.

Today I’m very excited to announce that this advanced capability is available in our new E386 mapping drone, available as of today! The E386 has a fully customized landing algorithm which incorporates precision laser altimeter data with the ability to fully reverse the motor’s thrust.

Descent gradients as high as 60% are possible when landing with a headwind. The overall size of clear space needed to land the E386 is just 65 x 25 meters. The E386 knows exactly where the ground is and exactly where it needs to flare, every time. Precision flaring not only protects the E386 body from impact damage, but it allows the E386 to touch down as soon as it achieves a safe speed.


The E386’s landing setup procedure is completely streamlined and only requires you to define the landing runway’s beginning and end points. Mission Planner then shows you where the E386 may touch down given various wind conditions, as well as its minimum projected altitude along its dive slope.

Landing Zone

The E386 package also comes complete with a full year subscription to the Drone Data Management System™ Professional Tier.


The Drone Data Management System™ is a cloud-based set of tools that store, analyze and share data collected by any drone. DDMS™ automatically creates a geotagged orthomosaic and tiles large maps to be viewed quickly in Map Viewer, our online map tool. The entire processing workflow is automated from geotagging to DEM, NDVI, DVI and more analyses.

All processing results are available as high resolution originals in geotiff format, so you can continue to work with your existing GIS tools. Anything that you process in DDMS™ can also be privately shared with friends, clients, colleagues and advisors.

The Drone Data Management System™ Professional Tier includes:

  • Generate and export full resolution orthomosaic and digital elevation models, automatically geotagged
  • Easy Online viewing using Map Viewer. No need to download any software.
  • Export KMZ files for easy viewing in Google Earth
  • Online sharing with colleagues and clients

Want to learn more about the E386? Check out the product page here.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us anytime!


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