December Newsletter - Meet the E386 and much more!

December Newsletter – Meet the E386 and much more!



            Event 38 Newsletter

                 December, 2015

In this Issue:

  1. Drone Data Management System  – Announcing tremendous support of our public beta and membership subscriptions will be available starting January 1, 2016
  2. Introducing the E386 – The Complete Drone Mapping Solution!
  3. Regulatory Updates
  • For US readers – The FAA will require all drone owners to register
  • Event 38 supports self-regulations through our Mission Planner geo-fencing of airports
  1. Event 38 in the News – Posts from guest authors and news from our team
  2. Event 38 Company Updates:
  • Tell us what you think – Do you have a new product feature you would like to see, a general how-to question, a word of praise or disappointment for us, we want to hear from you!
  • Become an Event 38 Reseller – We have an active international program. Become our local representative in your country.
  • Service Provider Partners wanted. If you provide services to the drone industry, we want to hear from you.
  • Become a guest blogger – We have two examples this month. You could be next to get international exposure.
  • Investors – We appreciate introductions
  • Research initiatives – Doing industry research with drones? Maybe we can help.


By Jeff Taylor, CEO

Dear friends, Thank you as always for your continued interest in Event 38. In this edition we have two major milestones to discuss.

First, we are grateful for your overwhelming acceptance of our Drone Data Management System beta. Since late September, users from all over the world have signed up, uploaded thousands of acres of missions, and we are


continuing to add new features and applications based on your suggestions and ideas. As promised, we are moving out of beta in January and will begin both a free and a subscription based membership program. Thanks again for your support!

Second, we launched a new drone, the E386! The Complete Drone Mapping Solution . For some time, our customers have been asking for an easier landing capability. After a year’s research, development and testing, our engineering team has built a solution that enables our drone to descend rapidly while minimizing forward speed and flaring precisely before impact for a soft landing every time. This makes autonomous landings possible in extremely confined areas, surrounded by tall trees or other obstacles. See more details below.

We are always interested in your ideas and feedback on how we can better serve you. Let us know what you think. Thanks again!  | @mjefftaylor

Drone Data Management System  – The Event 38 Drone Data Management System is a fully automated secure storage, post-processing and private sharing solution for data collected by any drone.

DDMS is one of the first to be able to take data from any drone or sensor and create sophisticated analytics.

DDMS streamlines your entire post-processing workflow – Upload, Process, Analyze and Share.


DDMS automatically creates a geotagged orthomosaic and tiles large maps to be viewed quickly in Map Viewer, our online map tool. DEMs, NDVI and DVI calculations can be added as well.

At the end of September we released a public beta of DDMS and your response has been remarkable.  So far you have given it a good workout – You have uploaded tens of thousands of acres of work sites, crops, surveys, and more. And you have helped us find (and repair) a few bugs. So now we believe the platform is stable and ready to come out of beta. Through the end of the year DDMS is still being offered at no charge and you can sign up here: DDMS Signup Page

Starting in January, we will offer a three tier membership program for you to consider. First, DDMS will remain free for ‘standard’ users and beyond that, we will have two levels of paid membership options for ‘professional’ and ‘advanced’ users. Look for more information on these plans soon.

Introducing the E386 – Our newest drone!

We’ve implemented exciting new technology to make your flights even easier!

One of the biggest issues that has kept some people from flying fixed wing drones is the perceived difficulty in landing (especially within a confined space).

Over the past year our engineering team has built a solution that enables a drone to descend rapidly


while minimizing forward speed and flaring precisely before impact for a soft landing every time. This makes autonomous landings possible in extremely confined areas, surrounded by tall trees or other obstacles.

Short Take-off and Landing – The E386 has a laser rangefinder and a reversible motor. This enables the E386 to automatically land in a small, confined area. The E386 descends at up to a 60% gradient, allowing it to clear tall trees and structures that are very close to the landing zone. The E386 knows exactly where the ground is and exactly where it needs to flare, every time. Precision flaring not only protects the E386 body


from impact damage, but it allows the E386 to touch down as soon as it achieves a safe speed. The E386 automatically lands within a 65 by 25 meter landing zone.

Simplified Mission Planning – The E386’s landing setup procedure is completely streamlined and only requires you to define the landing runway’s beginning and end points. Mission Planner then shows you where the E386 may touch down given various wind conditions, as well as its minimum projected altitude along its dive slope.

The E386 fixed wing drone is a portable, long endurance mapping drone with short field take-off and landing capability. The E386 makes it easy to collect large high resolution maps. Everything from mission planning to image tagging has been streamlined for this purpose. The E386 requires only one person to operate. No separate launch or recovery equipment needed. To see the E386 in action, please click on this link

Regulatory Issues

Important information for US drone owners – Upcoming registration requirement – The FAA will require all drone owners to register themselves. Task Force recommendations were published on November 22 and the FAA is targeting to have final rules published by year-end. Although there were often very divergent views, and some decisions were not unanimous, the Task Force reached general agreement on their recommendations to the FAA.

Here is a summary of the task force recommendations:


  • All drones weighing 250 grams to 55 lbs must be registered.
  • The drone owner will be responsible for registering his/her drone. This single registration number is to be used on every aircraft he/she owns and each drone must be marked with that number.
  • Registrant must be at least 13 years old and does not have to be a citizen.
  • Registration will be web based and free.
  • The registration process should contain some sort of education component which could be similar to the existing content in the “Know Before You Fly” campaign.

Here are some additional FAQ’s we prepared about the recommendations: 

Here is the full text of the 12 page task force recommendation if you are interested – 

We will notify you as soon as final rules are published.

Update on self-regulation – Geo-fencing – Event 38 strongly supports responsible use of the national airspace and security and privacy of the public at large. In recent weeks there has been increasing outreach from drone manufacturers and others regarding actions that can be taken to improve drone safety. One recent concept being discussed is geo-fencing, ie prohibiting flights in restricted areas through software control. Prohibited areas typically include airports, public arenas, and classified airspace such as Washington DC.

For some time, our Mission Planner software has shown airports and other restricted areas.  When an operator selects a geographical area for his mission, restricted areas are highlighted:


Operators have the capability to override the restriction but should only do so with proper authorization. While the current restricted areas do not include public events or other temporary restricted areas such as forest fires and police and other actions, as we go forward, we will continue to support building a comprehensive database of restricted areas.

We also believe that geo-fencing is certainly not the only possible tool to promote safety and security and may not even be one of the better solutions because it limits use of the airspace. There are numerous ways that could identify people misusing drones or limit improper drone operation including: education, altitude limiters, flight log tracking, ADSB, operator licensing, and more. Some solutions would include hardware changes, others could be implemented through software, and still others require ongoing management oversight. We recently wrote an article on proper drone licensing which you can read here .


In the meantime every effort should be taken by responsible owners to follow regulations, and the “Know Before You Fly” rules.

For another perspective on this topic here is a recent article about DJI’s approach to geo-fencing: 

Event 38 In the Press

Here is a sampling of news from around the world that features Event 38:


  • Guest Author Frank Sedlar takes his E384 through Western Mali. Article here
  • Gov’t of Peru chooses Event 38 Drones for El Nino disaster relief. Article here 
  • Event 38 announces release its latest drone, the E386. Article here
  • We discussed business opportunities in Rwanda with its Ambassador. Article here
  • Whitepaper – Drones as a Service – Business Model. Article here
  • Terry Kilby is OK with flying fewer drone missions using his E384. Article here

More news is available at the Event 38 blog,  Info here

Event 38 Company News


International Reseller Program – We believe local presence is important and we are actively seeking additional partners. Our reseller program is customized for each partner. In general, we sell to you at a discount, and you can re-sell at whatever price you desire. If you are interested in working with us, please contact John Blair, for details.

Tell us What You Think! – We work very hard to provide you with the best possible products and customer service. Sometimes we get it right and other times we know we can do better. Most of all we want to make sure, so please tell us how we are doing and what we can do better. Contact Chris Spradlin, with your comments.

Service Provider Partners Wanted – We are looking for partners who can offer insurance, maintenance or other drone related services to our customers around the world. Please contact John Blair, to discuss details.

Become a Guest Blogger – Our blog, Droneyard, gets significant international exposure. Each month thousands of viewers come to our website for information about our company and how drones are improving commerce, and environmental conservation.  We welcome your contribution – It’s easy and we can help with editing if you like. Please contact Chris Spradlin, for details.

Investors – (This is not a solicitation).  In preparation for a capital raise we have begun developing relationships with investors who are interested in our marketplace. We would welcome an introduction to anyone, angel or VC, who you think might be interested in our company. Please contact John Blair, with details.  

Event 38 Ongoing Research Initiatives – We have several initiatives underway to develop commercial use of drones. Our goal is to demonstrate ROI to end users. If you are conducting research in the agriculture, construction, surveying, environmental conservation, or related industries, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Please contact Jeff Taylor, for details.


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