Drone Industry Research Report

Drone Industry Research Report

New Drone Industry Research Report


Oppenheimer Equity Research, a Wall Street research firm, has just released a very good report on the current state and prospects for the drone market. This comprehensive report includes discussion on market size, vertical applications, investments, regulatory, social, and technological risks, and much more.

You can read the full report here.

Here are some key findings from the report that we believe Event 38 is currently addressing:

  • Successful drone companies of the future will provide end-to end solutions, from hardware, software, and cloud infrastructure (storage and analysis), all the way to client-tailored total solutions. Drone makers will need the ability and flexibility to bring new features on-line driven by client demand and changing market dynamics without sacrificing security and system reliability.
  • Aerial data acquired by drones fill a missing link between ground-acquired images (such as Google Street View) and satellite images. Drones make acquisition of such data affordable, convenient, and accessible. With cutting edge sensors, and image processing software, drones not only facilitate better data acquisition, but also better analysis and decision making for the end users.
  • A growing set of technologies will help drone deployment grow into a mainstream commercial phenomenon. And a growing number of software start-ups are beginning to tackle the software and cloud-service problems, making it easier to integrate drones into standard enterprise decision making.
  • Drones are essentially nodes in the IoT (Internet of Things) that can be deployed on-demand to situations too dangerous, too difficult, or too dirty for humans to access.


Market size

Given the mostly emerging and nascent stages of drone applications, we believe it is too early to give forecasts on the long-term market size for drones. In the near term, we believe consumer drones are shipping at over 10 million units annual run-rate, prosumer drones at over 1 million units (over $1.5B in sales), and professional drones at close to 10,000 units. Prosumer and professional drone shipments are likely to double in 2016 over 2015. Below are estimates made by elected third parties.


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Applications for Drones

For the commercial and civil markets, drones are expected to have a wide variety of applications, most of which focus on their ability to automate the collection of aerial image and environmental data. The following tables outline the existing, emerging, and nascent applications.


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We would like to thanks Oppenheimer for this timely report. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact John Blair, jblair@event38.com


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