New Pro/Advanced Tier Apps on DDMS™

New Pro/Advanced Tier Apps on DDMS™

Today we’re announcing a major update to the Drone Data Management System’s™ features and pricing. This update includes more apps in the Pro/Advanced tiers than were previously available, as well as several brand new apps and new, lower pricing.

First, check out all the apps that were previously reserved for the Ag Tier that can now be accessed by Pro and Advanced tier members. These are value-add analytics apps that can help service providers expand their services. In addition to standard apps like NDVI and DVI, you can now access:

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In addition, three brand new apps are now available on the Pro and Advanced tiers.

GRPs – Ground Refinement Points: This is an all-new way to control the location of your orthomosaic. GRPs work similarly to GCPs. You can apply them to increase the accuracy of your mosaic (see how accurate here), or you can use them to align your mission with other imagery. Need to be sure your mosaic lines up with Google Maps no matter how few satellites your GPS receiver had? No problem, just align your mission against the Maps tiles! You can also use GRPs to align your imagery with previous missions, making comparisons over time pinpoint accurate. Learn how to apply GRPs here.

Easier Sharing: Now you can share your imagery with a client even easier, just generate a private Map Viewer URL to that mission and send it by e-mail. No signups needed, no transferring large files or giving out Google Earth lessons. Learn how to share your imagery here.

Mission Crop: Need to trim off those jagged edges? Just create an outline and apply the Crop app, we’ll trim your data down to exactly what you need. Learn how here.

grp cropicon2



Last but not least, you can now get all these features and more at new, lower prices! Pro and Advanced tiers are now just $59 and $119/month when you subscribe without commitment. Learn more and sign up for the Drone Data Management System™ here.

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