Sneak Peek of The New Scout Drone

Sneak Peek of The New Scout Drone

After a lot of testing, tuning and refining we’re excited to announce the imminent release of the first new drone model from Event 38 in almost a year. The new drone, Scout, is designed to take advantage of simpler regulations in some countries for drones that weigh less than 2kg. The Scout’s compact form factor also makes it easy to transport and durable.

The Scout’s higher wing loading allows it to descend at a steeper angle, meaning auto landings are easier to plan even near tall obstacles. The tree below the flight path in the image below is 25m tall.

Being lightweight and compact means that the Scout can take a lot of impact before anything is damaged, too. Landing into asphalt, gravel, snow, ice and most crops can be planned as a standard recovery option. Its higher wing loading also makes it more resistant to wind gusts and gives it more power to push through strong headwinds. Despite its small size, it will still be able to map as much as 240 Ha (600 acres) per flight at 120m AGL (400ft).


  • Flight Time: 55 Minutes
  • Weight: 1.37kg (3.0 lbs)
  • Wingspan: 1.2m (47 inches)
  • RGB & NIR Payloads

The Scout is now in the final phases of testing but will be available soon. We’ll be accepting pre-orders now to reserve a place in line for those who want to get the first shipment. Presale orders will ship starting October 20th and regular orders will begin on November 15th.

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